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Highlights of Hungary is the first and only creative collection that selects its nominees on a professional basis but without the boundaries of categories. The curatorial team consists of 10 qualified professionals representing different fields of the creative industry. They are searching for values marking the most exciting and inspirational projects of the current year.

Here are the most inspirational stories of 2018! Vote for your favourite!

Fairy Gardens

Budapest Underguide

Virág Csiszár

Cube Chocolate

Nempazar blog

Nagy Lépés Delivery Service


Kafiya Said Mahdi

Kaza Concrete

Cinemira International Kids Film Festival

Géza Röhrig: angyalvakond

Wool House 2018 HelloWood festival // AUW + Marton Low

Mathias Corvinus Collegium

Norbert Köbli screenwriter

Art Quarter Budapest

UCCU Romani Walking Tours

Sign Foundation // Sign Language Playground

The Blue Trail

Margó Festival of Literature and Book Fair

Sztalker Formation

Hópárduc Alapítvány

Bálint gazda

BP Underground hip-hop film

Judit Lóczi Horváth

Venice Biennale Hungarian Pavilion // Studio Nomad

Marcell Rév

POKET pocketbooks

Single Parents’ Center

Integrom Program

Danubian Islands

Hungarian Short-Track Speed Skate Relay Winter Olympics Win

Albert-László Barabási: The Formula

Tímea Arany-Michels

Talpalatnyi Történtek

Charity Taxi


The National Academy of Riding

Bajomi Products

Phenom’enon magazine

Ligeti Store

Granny Project

Andrea Flesch costume designer

Ruben Brandt, The Collector

Péter Puklus: The Hero Mother