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Àbáse Àbáse Àbáse Àbáse Àbáse

On 02, Jan 2018 | In | By superchannel



As a trained keyboard player, Szabolcs Bognar has been active in the Hungarian versatile music scene for many years. He’s been a member of several successful Hungarian acts,
including Amoeba, Soulclap Budapest and the latest project – The Mabon Dawud Republic – a fourteen piece Afrobeat orchestra guest-starring Dele Sosimi. His solo project Àbáse is
melting hip hop and jazz with afrobeat and electronica with a strong emphasis on collaborating with artists from the African diaspora and around the globe. Àbáse’s debut singles “Skeme Goes All City” and Align (featuring Nigerian vocalist Wayne Snow) has brought him international attention and features in numerous blogs and radio shows, including Worldwide FM, Jamz Supernova’s show at BBC1 Extra, Soulection, Wicked Jazz Sounds and Earmilk as well as a number of prestigious playlist positions on the jazz playlists of Apple Music and Spotify. Shortly after his debut, Àbáse went on tour supporting the mighty Melbourne neosoul/jazz/bebop collective 30/70 for the Budapest, Prague and Berlin shows of their European tour in Summer 2018.


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Szabolcs Bognár,  Fanni Zahár,  Tamás Czirják, András Koroknay, Tamás Heilig, Levente Boros, Máté Jancsovics , Dávid Szarvas , international featurings


Nominated by Levente Trellay:

“It is fascinating to see how many different ways multicultural phenomena of the 21st century can be interpreted. One meets many interesting and a great number of disturbing ideas related to the above. One thing is certain: humanity in itself is already extremely colorful. Let us try to imagine what happens if we add music as well to this cavalcade. All disharmony and interesting accords pulsate into the future, evoking the past. Szabolcs Bognár is one of the few musicians that mixes extremely consciously “flavors” produced by the various notes! While composing, he draws the attention to what might happen when different people really “co-operate”. ÁBÁSE!”