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Charity Taxi Charity Taxi Charity Taxi Charity Taxi Charity Taxi

On 02, Jan 2018 | In | By superchannel

Charity Taxi


The idea of Charity Taxi was created at the time of the refugee crisis in 2015, when the huge support of the citizens highlighted the potential of Budapest. This recognition inspired the initiative to link the capital’s untapped resources and the accumulated surplus to the needs of the country’s most underdeveloped small settlements.

The project is unique since Charity Taxi makes people interested in donation by going straight to their home, picking up their unneeded objects and giving it to those in need. Despite the project’s name it’s more than a social service; by involving volunteers from both side it creates an opportunity for people of different background to meet and have a real dialogue.
Charity Taxi until now succeed in reaching 600 households, going to 36 towns and supporting 7,000 people with the help of totally 240 volunteers.

Charity Taxi works for a more solidar, collaborative and understanding society that contributes actively to creating a more sustainable environment and reducing social inequalities.




Participants of the project:

Tamás Horn  – Founder, head of the advisory board of the foundation, executive

László Bass  – Advisory Board member

dr. Zoltán Bodnár  – Advisory Board member

Krisztina Karczubné Fodor  – Coordinator of the volunteers

Ildikó Mátrai – Charity coordinator

Mircea Cernov – Professional mentor

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Nominated by Andrew Hefler:

“It was born out of a simple idea, and led to one of the most sensitive and generous services. It is an elegant way of finding a more deserving place for objects that have been exiled by our consumer society and make them useful again. It simply encourages people to join, collect and donate!”