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On 03, Jan 2018 | In | By superchannel




Soil Humus Management – Holistic agricultural technology teaming with the microbes

The humus level of the world’s fertile soils have decreased to a critical level. This is the consequence of the chemicals,- and machinery focused agriculture. Humus is the basis of the quality food production, there is no human life on Earth without it.  The makers of the humus are the soil living microbes, which are moreover the mainteners of the balance between the under,- and overground world. The duty of the humus manager farmer is keep these soil living microbes in good condition. In return they will perfectly serve the farm in 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without any labour cost. The biology based agriculture is the technology of the future, the Soil Humus Manager is the farmer of the future.



Tibor Petró

Gábor Szőllősi

Gábor Liptay

Zsuzska Dániel

Imre Bottlik

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Nominated by Levente Trellay:

“Agrofutura means to be in balance with nature. It is such a soil re-cultivating project that restores the immunity of agriculture and turns a great number of lands fertile again. Their technology operates in harmony with the Laws of Nature, thus contributing to the sustenance of ecological balance. At the same time it increases the biodiversity of our environment that is also the key of a future worthy of human existence.”