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Biopolus Biopolus Biopolus Biopolus Biopolus

On 02, Jan 2018 | In | By superchannel



The Koningshoeven brewery, is a subsidiary of the 2nd largest brewery in the Netherlands, Swinkels Family Brewers, which produces around 7.5 million hectoliters of beer a year. The BioMakery is a biological wastewater treatment system based on modular and functional reactor-based ecological engineering. The facility, opened in October 2018, is fully integrated into the historical monument of the Koningshoeven Trappist Abbey. It treats the industrial wastewater from the brewery and municipal wastewater from the abbey and visitor center to re-use quality. The facility provides a long-term sustainable solution for water management and creates a space to study and showcase water circularity. Our project has won the Public Award of the Dutch Water Innovation Prize.



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Biopolus team:

Kenyeres István (Inventor, founder)

Kenyeres Márton (CEO, founder)

Borbély Pál (Director of Engineering)

Gazsó Zita (Bioprocess Engineer)

Perényi Iván (Senior Mechancal Engineer)

Kriszti Árvai-Nagy (Partnership Executive for the Netherlands)

Projekt partnerek: Waterboard De Dommel, M.J. Oomen sewer and concrete tehnology

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Nominated by József Martinkó:

“Biopolus is a locally developed wastewater reclamation and treatment system based on rotating technology standing on the threshold of world-fame. It is not merely a futuristic fiction but a functioning “living organism”. One of its most important characteristics is that it can be implemented even in densely built-up rural areas.”