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BP Underground hip-hop film BP Underground hip-hop film BP Underground hip-hop film BP Underground hip-hop film BP Underground hip-hop film

On 02, Jan 2018 | In | By superchannel

BP Underground hip-hop film


BP Underground is a documentary series exploring the underground youth subcultures of Budapest. The second episode of the series by Anna Koltay and Esther Turan is about the underground hip hop culture of Budapest. Besides dealing with the most important characters, from rappers to MCs and DJs, it also introduces the viewer to the Hungarian culture of graffiti, gypsy hip hop, female performers and break dancers. Ultimate ’90s feeling, when playing street basketball, Yo! MTV Raps and home-copied cassettes bloomed like they never did before. The movie will guide viewers through the much-loved talent contest, Fila Rap Jam, and historical event-series like Gimmeshot, Microfonparties and the OSG. On top of that, viewers will get an insight into places and venues like Syndicate music shop, Filatorigát, Maszk klub and Kultiplex.




Crew members listed on the Hungarian site.


Nominated by Gáspár Bonta:

“The work of Eszter and Anna is a very important and essential part of the growing into adulthood of the Hungarian hip-hop culture. It is always double-edged when the once youg members of a genre reach an age when they put together a retrospektív material about themselves – in this case it has turned into a perfect, sincere, kitsch-free and likable artwork.”