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Budapest Underguide Budapest Underguide Budapest Underguide Budapest Underguide Budapest Underguide

On 02, Jan 2018 | In | By superchannel

Budapest Underguide


It’s like visiting one of your friends – this is how budapestUNDERGUIDE started in 2005 and enchanted tourists – previously accustomed to following the umbrella – with our local heroes on our city discovery tours. Be global, go local – Budapest was loud of our message.

Today, more than 20.000 guests and 550 in-house developed programs later we create here-and-now experiences for guests from all over the world with the same ambition.

We believe the best souvenirs are made of memories, whether it’s a sightseeing for two, a team-building for a hundred or a conference for more, in a cool ruin bar of course. Our everyday mission to present the one-of-a-kind, rich past and the breathtakingly inspiring present of Budapest along the Hungarian countryside to the world. We feel proud of being accompanied by the cream of Hungary – talents, creators, influencing organizations and greatest institutes – on the magical journey of the past 13 years. To eternity and beyond!



Vilma Magyar, CEO and co-founder

Dóra Szaffner,  Head of Operations and Development

István Freigang , Operative and Financial manager

Nóra Palányi, MICE experience designer

Fanni Sarkadi , MICE experience designer

Máté Dávid, Chief Buzz Maker

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Instagram: @budapestunderguide

LinkedIn: linkedin



Nominated by Judit Varga:

“Budapest Underguide is an important company for me because I am proud of Hungary’s visible and less visible values. They show the country to the visiting tourists putting a huge emphasis on promoting unique, less obvious attractions as well. The company started out by bringing travellers into Hungary through personalized tours, and having reached more and more people it continues to offer an introduction to the country in a personalized way. Constant renewal is very important to them as well as their love for their country, the promotion of its values and its representation on an international level. Owner and founder Vilma Magyar besides being the mother of two beautiful children demonstrates exemplary devotion to her work and to Hungary.”