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On 02, Jan 2018 | In | By superchannel



The ability read is a gift.
Unfortunatly for more than 250 million sightseeing people worldwide this gift is inaccessible, since most of the books are only accessable in a printed format.
GlovEye is a special device which let blind and partially sighted people perceive printed text as Braille. The glove has a special Braille cell right under the index finger which can project any character as Braille to the user’s fingertip. This is connected via Bluetooth to our reader app which uses the camera of a smart device to track text and the finger of the user. GlovEye leverages the power of Microsoft’s cutting edge AI technology to provide the best possible reading experience.
Morover, GlovEye helps to learn Braille with talkback ’on the fly’, while reading​. So as the user reads a character in a text the application can read it out loud​.
We beleive that there is no substitute for the ability to read Braille. According to Kevin Carrey, chair of the World Braille Council ’Other formats such as audiobooks, which are generally cheaper than Braille, cannot replace Braille and advances such as the newer and more affordable refreshable Braille displays will support Braille literacy in the future’. The researches also show that the success in life correlates with Braille-literacy. People who can read it have higher education level, higher likelihood of employment and higher income. With Gloveye we provide a small, portable and affordable solution to read and learn Braille.
We have already tested our device with more than 100 blind people, we have been world finalist in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup in Seattle and in Chivas Venture competition in Amsterdam, and we have been named as Falling Walls ‘Young Innovator of the Year’ 2nd place in Berlin. Now we are getting to enter the market with which we can provide a more independent and fuller life for the blind.



Ádám Fülöp

Mihály Balogh

Ábel Csathó

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Nominated by Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy:

“It is one of the latest find of Design Terminal’s mentor program. The guys are working on the development of such gloves that enable blind and visually impaired people to palpate printed text, thus making the world of books and the experience of reading available for them as well.  The team has yet to face many challenges to kick-off the world-wide launch of the product, nevertheless GlovEye closes a great year: the Hungarian invention was introduced in Berlin in November and in London as well in December. They deserve the maximum encouragement, good word and publicity they can get.”