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Kafiya Said Mahdi Kafiya Said Mahdi Kafiya Said Mahdi Kafiya Said Mahdi Kafiya Said Mahdi

On 14, Dec 2017 | In | By superchannel

Kafiya Said Mahdi



“I came to Hungary at the at a very young age. Before anyone knew me as the Model in Marie ClaireMagazine and the girl from Easy Lessons. I was the oldest of 7 siblings and a
loving Mother who loves them. But then I had to run away from home and find refuge in another country. Alone at the age of 14, without any education, family or friends.
The journey here was long and not easy but long story short I arrived to Hungary and started my life from zero alone. Ever since I got here it has all been learning and absorbing and also learning one of the hardest languages in the world. Which I thought actually will be impossible but I wanted to learn any way. Nor did I just in 3 years graduated from a Hungarian high school and started university after but I also finished the making of the documentary film Easy lesson about me. I believe people should share their stories, there life’s so that it can inspire other people. I have worked as model as well ever since I started my career as a model for a lot of Hungarian Brands, Photographers and walk for shows every season. Modelling has been ever since then my passion. I fell in love with working with creative people and making their ideas come true together. A lot of people ask me how I manage to get all of this strength? I think when you don’t have any other choice but to be strong and move on you always get some power which pushes to more than you think you are. Now, I have friends ,  a Partner and a career which I love so much. I look forward to what the future brings to me.”


Easy Lessons Trailer



Nominated by Odett Polgár:

“Kafiya fled from a child marriage at the age of 15 from Somalia to Budapest and started a new life in an environment completely strange to her. For the first time I saw her as a model on the catwalk for Marie Claire Fashion Days, and a few months later she was posing as a cover girl in the magazine as a professional model.  Even a documentary was made about her life that was presented this year in October. It is entitled Easy Lessons and was directed by Dorottya Zurbó.”