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Kaza Concrete Kaza Concrete Kaza Concrete Kaza Concrete Kaza Concrete

On 02, Jan 2018 | In | By superchannel

Kaza Concrete


KAZA was born from the concrete controversy; it helped rebrand the industrial material as a luxurious one, well-suited to bespoke surface design and a choice material for the Architect and Designer community.

Striking an impeccable balance between artistry and technology, KAZA incorporates tactile 3D elements for bold accent walls, small and large, sensitively balancing style and innovation for luxury commercial products as well as the modern home. Having supplied to hundreds of projects on 4 continents, signature KAZA designs are found at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas, World Trade Center in Beijing, and numerous properties of hotel brands like W, Mandarin Oriental, Renaissance, Hyatt, etc.





KAZA is the success of teamwork, currently we are 45 people.

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Nominated by Judit Varga:

“Péter Oszkó is an excellent economist, marketing expert, co-owner and co-founder of Kaza Concrete brand. For ten years he worked for multinational companies and then he decided to put up his own business. Leaving behind his previous career he ventured onto a brand new field, that of creative design. Kaza Concrete produces 3 dimensional concrete surfaces. Their seat is in Szentendre from where they export worldwide. Their products that have won multiple international design prizes stand for high quality and esthetic value. Through astonishing professionalism and great humility they have created a product, which already in itself could make us proud. But behind the product there stands Peter with his personality that is even a greater reason to be proud of: on one hand he was courageous enough to leave a successful career behind to make his dreams come true, on the other hand being a father, he has done all this with enormous amount of love for life and humor. It is his person that turns this product into a symbolic one in my eyes.”