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Ligeti Store Ligeti Store Ligeti Store Ligeti Store Ligeti Store

On 02, Jan 2018 | In | By superchannel

Ligeti Store


As a packagefree shop, our mission is to create and support an environmentally conscious and sustainable shopping culture, reduce household waste by eliminating unnecessary product packaging, promote the zero-waste lifestyle and popularize domestic products. In addition to this, our important goal is to reduce food waste. Our customers come to us with their own containers and can buy exactly as much as is required for them.



Melinda Sipos

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Nominated by Péter Szűcs:

“I think that it should be self-evident by now that one does not buy anything wrapped in plastic. It started out as a funny game for me full of serious challenges, but it came to the point when I succeed in eliminating everything nearly everything, and what was left I recycle it in several rounds. There is an exemplary and hopefully trend-creating enterprise, one of the lovable package-free shops in Budapest. I do hope that others will follow the first swallows until the point when everybody will have understood that it is a common interest to pull the world out of the thrash and that our future is at stake.”