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Phenom’enon magazine Phenom’enon magazine Phenom’enon magazine Phenom’enon magazine Phenom’enon magazine

On 02, Jan 2018 | In | By superchannel

Phenom’enon magazine


Throughout the past few years, Phenom’enon has evolved into a respected professional platform among domestic online magazines as well as an innovative, informative and entertaining website. The independent pop culture magazine that was launched in early 2010 has always aimed at representing current and non-mainstream artistic trends and, as a pioneer among Hungarian platforms, puts great emphasis on visual appearance. Last year the magazine went through its fourth visual rebranding and with this constant rejuvenation is attempting to remain a trendsetting online site among contemporary art magazines for young Hungarians.


Participants in the project:

András Hering – Chief Editor

Dániel Petrásovits – Project Manager, Owner

José Tábori-Simon – Head of Creative, Owner

Andrea Biczó – Editor

Kitti Varju – Journalist, Editor

Pál Kutvölgyi – Owner

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Nominated by Odett Polgár:

“It is an up to date cultural online magazine with the most colorful content, but other than the content it’s importance for me lies also in the visual packaging. It provides valuable information about the work of young local and international artists, giving them platform and introducing them with great enthusiasm.”