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Pinetime Pinetime Pinetime Pinetime Pinetime

On 02, Jan 2018 | In | By superchannel


Pinetime Clothing is a technical street wear brand from the heart of Europe. The company was established in 2010 by three passionate friends searching for the ultimate hoodie, which is functional and fashionable at the same time. With our strong relation to snow-, and surf sports we started to create products that share the same freestyle spirit inside and out the city. Providing an innovative and fresh design, Pinetime represents a unique solution to every daydreamer citizen, who would rather live every moment of life as if it would be in the Mountains or at the Oceanside.



Last winter we decided to release a collaboration with an Italian snowboard manufacturing company: Drake Snowboards, featuring a limited edition snowboard and streetwear apparels.  The main idea behind the artwork came from the board’s original name: ‘the Battle of the nature and the human race’. We wanted to express our protest against the exploitation of natural resources such as deforestation, while preserving the flora and fauna of the mountains. The Japanese battle etchings or Picasso’s Guernica cubist artwork also inspired and greatly influenced the board’s surreal graphics.



UpRise Hoodie videó

HiRise Hoodie videó



People behond the brand (co-founders):

Peter Szalay – Creative & Art Director



Gergo Koczka – Business Development



Daniel Balint – Graphic Designer


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instagram PinetimeClothing



Nominated by Levente Trellay:

“Certain projects that have come to completion and prove that it is worth dreaming, since one cannot ever be sure what comes out of it, are important.  Pinetime is a Hungarian “brand” the dreams of which reach quite far and most of them even come true. Their collaboration with the world-famous Drake (snowboard) brand appeared all over the international press and on various media platforms receiving quite a strong response! These kind of enterprises contribute a great deal to our small community’s proper self-esteem and not least to its international reputation! “