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Talpalatnyi Történtek Talpalatnyi Történtek Talpalatnyi Történtek Talpalatnyi Történtek Talpalatnyi Történtek

On 02, Jan 2018 | In | By superchannel

Talpalatnyi Történtek


A couple of years ago, after our wedding, we made up our minds and got out into the big world, with two little backpacks. The experiences we gained through wondering around, not only made us more open-minded, understanding but completely changed our lifestyle. We believe that traveling could be really meaningful, enjoyable only if we do not cause harm to other cultures, creatures, and nature. Our foothold stories are about, how we transformed into more responsible travelers, conscious consumers and how we simplified and eliminated waste almost completely from our life and travels by now. We organize several campaigns e.g. raising awareness of plastic-free shopping, challenges such as, eating only local and seasonal food or going plastic free for an entire month. We share our experiences and practices with others, that they might get a feel for it.





Kocsis Dóra és Németh Edvárd

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Nominated by Péter Szűcs:

“Dóri and Edvárd is a young couple that likes to travel, and wander in the world. They have created the webpage to share short news, photos, and ideas about travelling. Their first trips led to Scotland, and then later the time for a long trip has come when they visited 14 countries during 347 (-1) days hitchhiking or on motorcycle or by ship, boat, car, bike, by train but mostly on foot. Their goal is to get a better understanding of the world, of each other in the world and of the world within the other. It is also important for them to live an environmentally conscious life, to eat tasty vegetarian food, to be close to nature, to lead a simple life (minimalism), to travel ethically, to understand desperation, to educate children, to see various family patterns, and how civil organizations operate in various countries of the world. But what’s most important for them, that home is where the attention and love of the other one holds and protects you.”